Ultra HD TV sets line-up for 2015, including the exceptional Super Slim model.

Only 7.5 mm screen thickness with 65” diagonal – premiere of the new SHARP AQUOS LED Ultra HD products at IFA 2015, Berlin.

01. 09. 2015

UMC, the licensed partner for SHARP’s LCD business in Europe, launches sales of a new line of AQUOS LED 4K products. In the coming months, six product series will be launched, based on RGB and RGBW panel technologies, offering exceptional image and sound quality.

During this year’s IFA fair in Berlin, the new XUF8772 series debut, offering exceptional visual and technological features. Their premium aluminium-white finishing attracts the eye as much as their amazing slenderness: the upper part is a mere 7.5 mm thick. Importantly, this slender construction contains an advanced LCD panel based on four (rather than three – as is common in standard constructions) sub-pixels. A white (W) sub-pixel has been added to the traditional red, green and blue (RGB) sub-pixels, which gives the television higher brightness with reduced power consumption. Higher sharpness of the reproduced image is another feature of the RGBW panel, obtained thanks to the application of advanced MSE algorithms which improve differences of brightness between specific pixels. 4K quality picture will be accompanied by high quality sound, with two-way speakers and an independent amplifier dedicated to low-tone drivers. The Extra Slim models of the XUF series will be available in screen sizes from 43“ to 65“.

Adding to the SHARP AQUOS Ultra HD TV line-up in 2015 is CUF8382, CUF8462 and CUF8682 series based on a traditional RGB panel. The series includes four HDMI 2.0 ports able to receive 2160@60Hz signal, a USB 3.0 port, perfect for connecting a fast hard disc drive, and an SD port, thanks to which users can watch a new film made with a 4K camera – or photos – by displaying them in 4K resolution. The CUE8382 and CUE8462 series will be available in the popular screen sizes – 43”, 49” and 55”, while CUE8682 in 60”, 70” and 80”.

The common feature of all the 4K series is the Smart TV world, which includes, among other features, a wide – and growing monthly – offer of applications, Miracast and WiDi technologies that enable wireless communication with smartphones and a computer, and MHL technology, which charges your smartphone while transmitting multimedia to the TV. The image is processed by a new dual-core processor: Ace Pro Ultra, which processes the signal applying multi-dimensional colour and sharpness correction and noise reduction aided by the Advanced Colour Engine Ultra system.

All new SHARP AQUOS LEDs are manufactured at UMCs modern LCD factory near Toruń (Poland).