SHARP announces return to European Mobile Phone Market

SHARP is proud to announce a comeback to the European Smartphone market in 2018.

31. 08. 2017

Berlin, August 31, 2017. Today, SHARP is proud to announce a comeback to the European Smartphone market in 2018. The combination of SHARP’s decades of experience and unique in-house technologies for key components with the development and production efficiency of the strategic partner Foxconn will enable SHARP to deliver competitive and unique products to the European consumer. The first line-up of SHARP smartphones will be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain (February 26th to March 1st).

Key facts:

  • SHARP will enter the European Smartphone Market in 2018
  • New smartphone line-up will be presented at MWC 2018
  • SHARP has extensive expertise in developing unique key components like IGZO displays and high-end camera modules
  • Core mobile phone technologies on display at IFA 2017 in Berlin
    (September 1st to September 6th)
  • Strong strategic partnership with Foxconn

SHARP has been a major player in the smartphone realm and has helped shape the future of mobile communication as a main supplier for key components like cutting-edge displays and powerful, yet small camera modules. These development and manufacturing assets will be driving forces for a successful launch of unique and high-quality handsets in 2018 and establishing the SHARP brand in this important sector.

SHARP IGZO: Superior Display technology

IGZO stands for Indium, Gallium, Zinc and Oxygen – the main components of SHARP’s decade-long research and development activities in the semi-conductor business. The main features of IGZO are the miniaturization of transistors and higher conductivity. These technically complex aspects result in clear and understandable benefits, visible to anyone in terms of design, resolution, image quality, and energy efficiency. It also supports high sensitivity for smooth touch operation, registering even very weak touch signals even in wet conditions. IGZO displays are a suitable combination with high refresh rate drive, and can now support up to native 120Hz refresh rates for smooth movements.

Compact yet powerful: SHARP mobile camera modules

SHARP was the first manufacturer of a camera equipped phone in 2000 and also the first to bring megapixel quality into a mobile phone camera in 2003. Continuous research and development in this vital area has been ongoing ever since. The newest evolutionary camera module captures photos with astonishing 22.6 megapixel resolution. With its ultra-wide 22mm/F1.9 lens it shoots videos and still images of extremely high quality. A special anti-blur technology improves images taken in low light situations. The even smaller module for the front facing camera sports 16.3 megapixel resolution for perfect selfies. The ultra-wide 23mm angle of the lens enables users to capture more people in one shot.

Tech demos of key components at IFA

Visitors of IFA in Berlin (September 1st to September 6th) will experience the benefits of SHARP’s key mobile phone components. These demos show comparisons between regular displays with 60 Hz refresh rate and 120 Hz IGZO displays, touch screen operation of IGZO displays in wet conditions. A separate showcase will demo the HDR capabilities of IGZO. High Dynamic Range delivers superior contrast and more detail in very bright and very dark areas. SHARP’s cutting-edge camera modules are also on display. Visitors will see the benefit of wide-angle lenses, ultra-high resolution of 22.6 megapixels and intelligent features like anti-blur for crisper photos and videos and intelligent framing for the best aligned shots.

Get ready for SHARP smartphones

“We’re proud and also very excited to announce our entry into the European smartphone market”, says Yoshihisa (Bob) Ishida, Executive Vice President SHARP Cooperation, President SHARP Europe. “Our unique technologies will bring obvious benefits to consumers and our important strategic partnership with Foxconn will enable us to enter this very competitive marketplace with great confidence.”


About Sharp/UMC (Universal Media Corporation)
S-UMC is one of the leaders in the European market for consumer electronics. UMC is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of TV-sets, combining high quality products with cost efficiency. In 2015, Sharp transferred the license for its TV business in the European market to UMC. In February of 2017, Sharp became the majority stockholder of UMC and established the company’s office as the head of its European consumer business. In 2017/2018, additional devices such as smartphones, audio devices, or small domestic appliances will be added to the portfolio.
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