Red Dot Award: Prize-winning design quality

Three Sharp AQUOS LED TV designs triumph in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

30. 03. 2016

Three AQUOS LED TVs by Sharp have been awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality. Participants from 57 nations had registered over 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Only products which set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from the international Red Dot jury.


The first design awarded to Sharp goes to the Smart 6400 series, Smart 3D 7400 series and Ultra HD 8400 series. Thanks to their sleek aluminium elements these TV sets look truly durable and exclusive. The second winning design is awarded to the Smart 6300 series, Smart 3D 7300 series and Ultra HD 8300 series. With their elegant Aluminium stands and silver decorative elements contrasting with the dark bezel, these models look both stylish and contemporary. Last but not least – the non-Smart 5100 and Smart 6100 series are one of the simplest in the current Sharp line-up, yet the quality of design and materials provide a striking appearance through the “brushed” plastic which delicately frames the screen.

“All awarded designs were born in our in-house design centre, which is why we are extremely proud of these three Red Dot Design Awards. Nowadays, customers are looking for sophisticated, elegant designs in combination with quality & performance and this is what we focus on when developing our products. The Red Dot Awards confirms we are going in the right direction”
– says CEO of UMC, Aslan Khabliev

With 41 experts from all around the world, who are chosen according to strict rules, the Red Dot Award: Product Design guarantees a very high judging competence: Only freelance designers, design professors and specialised journalists – but not designers employed at companies potentially participating – are appointed to the jury.

The independent expert panel assesses each entry strictly and fairly, live and on site, according to criteria such as degree of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and president of the Red Dot Award: “With their performances, the Red Dot winners not only demonstrated an extraordinary design quality, but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions.”

4 July 2016 marks the culmination of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. During the glamorous awards ceremony, the Red Dot: Best of the Best laureates will accept their trophies in front of around 1,200 guests. At the subsequent after-show party “Designers’ Night”, the winners will receive their certificates and celebrate until the early hours in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen in the midst of prize-winning products. All award-winning products will be presented in the special exhibition “Design on Stage” for four weeks, before becoming part of the permanent exhibition.

With about 2,000 exhibits from 45 nations, the Red Dot Design Museum Essen displays the complete range of current product design. In the former boiler house of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein coal mine, it presents products that have won the Red Dot on five floors and approximately 4,000 square metres. Every year, the world’s largest exhibition of contemporary design informs around 150,000 visitors about current trends and top achievements.

List of awarded models

LC-32CHE5100 LC-32CFE6141 W LC-43CFE6352  LC-49SFE7452 
LC-32CHE5100 W LC-32CFE6351 LC-43CFE6452 LC-55CFE6352
LC-32CHE5111 LC-32CFE6352 LC-43SFE7331 LC-55CFE6452
LC-32CHE5112 LC-32CFE6452 LC-43SFE7332 LC-55SFE7332
LC-32CHE5112 W LC-32CHE6131 LC-43SFE7451 LC-55SFE7452
LC-32CFE5100 LC-32CHE6132 LC-43SFE7452 LC-43CUF8382 S
LC-32CFE5111 LC-40CFE6351 LC-49CFE6141 W LC-49CUF8382 S
LC-32CFE5102  LC-40CFE6352  LC-49CFE6351  LC-55CUF8382 S
LC-43CFE5100  LC-40CFE6452  LC-49CFE6352  LC-43CUF8462 S
LC-43CFE5111  LC-43CFE6131  LC-49CFE6452  LC-49CUF8462 S
LC-43CFE5112  LC-43CFE6132  LC-49SFE7331  LC-55CUF8462 S
LC-32CFE6131  LC-43CFE6141 W LC-49SFE7332 
LC-32CFE6132  LC-43CFE6351  LC-49SFE7451