Freeview Play compliant Sharp TVs to hit the UK within 2016

UMC announces plans to introduce Freeview Play compliant Smart TVs into the UK market within 2016. Freeview Play is the connected and catch-up TV-service of the UK’s free-to-air digital TV offering.

01. 09. 2016

Key Facts

  • UMC to introduce Freeview Play compliant TVs within 2016
  • All 2017 models with AQUOS Net+ compatible

Berlin, September 1, 2016 – Watch what you want, when you want. Freeview Play is easy to use and offers plenty to explore: catch up TV is available directly from the TV guide; a Freeview Play apps page offers access to TV players; the Red Button+ service on BBC channels can be accessed as easily as streaming channels on the TV guide. Freeview’s subscription-free entertainment offers a comprehensive list of entertainment services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5.

Freeview Play, based on the latest HbbTV technology, is the next generation hybrid TV platform in the UK, and is quite challenging to pass the compliance, due to its complex specifications and strict certification process. It combines catch up and on demand services with live TV channels to present a fabulous user experience for its audience. The service is only available on Freeview Play compliant devices, e.g. TVs, set-top boxes etc.

UMC is proud to announce that all 2017 models equipped with the Sharp SmartTV portal AQUOS Net+ will be ready to support Freeview Play and that it will be upon the local customers to choose which models to range. “We are proud to offer such a variety of choice to our customers and look forward to our negotiations with our UK customers to define the ranging possibilities for our Freeview Play models” comments Sascha Lange, Vice President Marketing and Sales (Sharp/UMC). The first models will be introduced to the UK market within 2016.

PDF: Sharp_FreewayPlay.ENG

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