Harman Kardon® sound systems for all SHARP TVs 32” and above

All SHARP 32” and larger flatscreen TVs will be equipped with sound systems from the leading audio brand Harman Kardon®. The new SHARP TVs will deliver room-filling sound for the best TV and movie experience without the need for additional speakers.

01. 09. 2016

Key Facts

  • All SHARP flatscreen TVs (32“ and up) will be equipped with Harman Kardon® sound systems
  • All TVs 55“ and larger come with integrated subwoofers
  • High-quality sound without a sound bar
  • Specifically designed systems for each model
  • Individual systems for each model

Berlin, September 1, 2016 – High Definition is only half the story when it comes to enjoying TV and films, with sound being just as crucial to the viewing experience. As such, all new SHARP HD flatscreen TVs will be equipped with audio systems developed and fine-tuned by the renowned engineers at Harman Kardon®.
“Of course, a TV’s picture quality is essential; however, for the complete TV and movie experience, great sound is equally important. A crisp picture cannot achieve its full effect without outstanding sound,” explains Sascha Lange, Vice President of Marketing and Sales (SHARP/UMC).

Great sound at every level

In contrast to the rest of the TV industry, where the best audio is reserved only for the most expensive TV models, SHARP has decided to incorporate the great sound of Harman Kardon® as standard. All SHARP flatscreen TVs 32” and up are equipped with Harman Kardon® audio systems – covering all price points in the SHARP TV range.

High quality sound with a slim form factor

Flatscreen TVs are becoming increasingly slim, often lacking the physical space for conventional speakers. For bass sounds, in particular, the physical space requirement is critical. This often results in an excellent video image, but well below average audio performance.

Harman Kardon® has created a better solution. Each SHARP TV model has a uniquely-designed audio module that provides crisp, clear sound with excellent dynamic range and very low distortion.

Specific elements of the Harman Kardon® audio system include silk tweeters that ensure high precision with a natural timbre and an integrated subwoofer (for TVs starting at 55”) that provides even better handling of bass frequencies. The subwoofer incorporates a unique HARMAN feature, called Slip Stream bass port design. This feature dramatically reduces port noise at high sound pressure levels, improving bass performance and accuracy.

SHARP flatscreen TVs will also include a very customer-friendly feature called HARMAN Volume. This is a software based feature that automatically ensures consistent volume levels regardless of source and content. Volume fluctuations when changing channels or when commercials kick in will be a thing of the past.

“HARMAN used great care and expertise to develop a strong audio system for every UMC model”, emphasizes Dave Rogers, Senior VP & General Manager, Consumer Audio from Harman Kardon. “Our engineers designed, developed, and tuned a total of seven unique and customized systems, giving every SHARP customer a special Harman Kardon audio experience.”

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