UMC launches the first line of SHARP AQUOS LED TV’s in 2015

Radio remote control, sleek design and aluminum stand - the new 5100 series will soon become available on the market

18. 05. 2015

After Sharp brand licensing agreement for its LCD TV and audio business, product development, sales and marketing is managed by Slovakian company UMC. The combination of Sharp’s strong brand with the strength of UMC’s distribution network will enable Sharp to improve the profitability of its consumer electronics business.

In the coming months UMC, the licensee partner for Sharp’s LCD business in Europe, plans to launch new Sharp AQUOS LED TVs in four major equipment segments and with four different designs. In total, 10 series are expected on the market by September, each of them available in several screensizes: from 22″ to 55″. The first to become available is the new AQUOS LED 5100 series, whose launch is planned in the coming weeks. It is to lead the way for new models of Sharp TVs in 2015.

Changes to the range of Sharp products are not limited only to TVs. A new remote control is to be introduced, operating through radio waves rather than infrared light, which will greatly improve the comfort of use. You will no longer need to point directly at the TV to control it! The new radio remote control can get signal through to the LCD TV from every corner of the room, regardless of any pieces of furniture that may stand in the way. Another change which will undoubtedly be appreciated by customers is the entirely redesigned user interface (UI), consistent for the entire 2015 line-up. The new UI is modern, light and clear. It is Sharp’s response to the needs of European customers, who do not use all the functions of the increasingly advanced and complex TVs.

Changes will also be introduced to the names of new Sharp TVs. The existing two-letter three-digit symbols will be replaced by combinations of three letters and four digits, thus enabling Sharp to encode much more information pertaining to the configuration of the TV in its name.

A distinguishing feature of the new 5100 series TVs is their modern design: TVs are slim and equipped with direct LED backlight. The sleek frame around the screen is very narrow and made of plastic with brushed metal texture. Trapezoidal aluminum legs and a slim LED further enhance the modern look of the TV, which is often the focal point of a room.

The 5100 series comprises three models. The basic model is 5100 with DVB-T/C tuners, screen sizes of 32″, 40″ and 43″ and Active Motion 100 image processing feature. It is equipped, among others, with 3 HDMI inputs, VGA computer input and a USB player with PVR recording and Time Shift live pause functions. The 5110 series is a notch above: TVs are equipped with digital tuners (additionally DVB-T2 or T2/S2), two USB inputs and ACE PRO – an advanced video processor. The maximum screen size of TVs from this series is 50″.

All new AQUOS LED TVs are manufactured in Poland, a modern LCD TV plant.